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Processing Lubricant Additives & Compounds in North Wales, Pennsylvania

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L & L Industrial Chemicals in North Wales, Pennsylvania, we are innovators and distributors of processing lubricant additives for pvc compounds for over 30 years.

Lower Cost, Better Product
Why change your lubricant? L & L Industrial Chemicals offers a better product at a lower price. We currently hold 14 patents and wrote the chapter on processing lubricants in the encyclopedia of PVC. You won't find another company with the same level of experience or research.

Multiple Benefits
Our lubricants offer many different benefits, including the environmental benefits of using renewable resources, which also protects you from the financial and availability fluctuations in the industry. Our lubricant products at L & L Industrial Chemicals also help you save money while maintaining stability.

Contact us for more information about our processing lubricant additives and manufacturing compounds made from renewable resources.